Four Days to Launch

Exposed will be released in four days, and I’m asking everyone I know for a little help. I’m willing to give something in exchange (“Where’s my self-interest?” frequently asks one of my characters).

I would like to give a free copy of the book to those willing to write an honest review and post it on Amazon in the first five days after the book is available. Exposed is not a long book, and several “prereaders” have finished it in a day.

I’m excited. This is one more step in a process that began long ago, and could be the first step on a whole new journey. My grandmother would caution me to be calm, and not invite disappointment about things that were out of my control. But still…

Grandmere wasn’t a fatalist, she was French. Sometimes, on the surface, they look a lot the same. What looks like arrogance, or a demanding idealism, or a blasé reserve, is more often than not simple cautiousness. The French are a romantic culture who have seen much of what they value destroyed over centuries by war, greed, or simple efficiency. They do not easily succumb to hope.

But I have hopes for “Exposed.” It offers readers something of value, and I think it’s fun. We will all have a lot more fun if it is a success, which I’ve been told it will be.

If you’d like to help, and get a free copy of Exposed in the bargain, send me an email and I’ll send you a book.


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