Exposed is launched!

Exposed went on sale today. And we have stellar reviews already on the board!

Thank you, Rozeteee and Melanie, whoever and wherever you are. If you send me your address via the web site, I’ll send you a signed copy of the book. I can’t go through Goodreads for contractual and ethical reasons.

The same goes for the first 20 readers who buy (here) the Kindle book and post a review on Amazon.  I will purchase a paperback, (yes, I get a deal, but they cost me more than the Kindle editions costs you!) I’ll sign and send it to you with a note of thanks.

Together, we can make “Exposed” a success!

About reviews: I’ve been very fortunate on the reviews we got on Goodreads. Even the ones that weren’t so pleasant. Every  single one has taught me something, even when two seemingly had the exact opposite opinion.

Example: The very first review loved the parts that included my grandmother. The reviewer even quoted bits I included  that I thought gave meaning. Another reviewer thought all that was superfluous, and thought I should have stuck more closely to the promise of the blurb. The sex, I suppose.

What did I learn from that review? That everyone expects something different, and that many of us impose our expectations on what we see, what we read, what we feel, instead of absorbing it as presented. I’d forgotten that, and it was good to have a reminder.

Grandmere taught me the very same thing.

Back soon,


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