On Writing

Writing is, among other things, a way for me to “externalize” my thinking. What I call my thinking is often a jumble of external stimuli, internal struggles, how much chocolate I had before bed (always a bad idea!) and so on. Meditation helps me sort these things out.

So does writing.

Last week I spent some time fielding interview questions from a reviewer of “Exposed.” The full interview will appear later this month (January, 2015) at www.ladyaliteraturejunkieextraordinaire.blogspot.com

In response to a question about my new book, “Crosscurrents,” I answered:

Thematically, I am trying to explore sexuality and love in context with society’s assumptions and institutions, and how those who can’t “obey” the norms face risk, how money distorts our values. Plus, give the reader some eroticism that I find satisfying.

That sounds so… ambitious is a polite word, for an author of erotic novels. But it’s true. I’m not particularly interested in writing just “one-handed reads.” That may have been how this started, but it’s not how it turned out. For reasons I don’t claim to understand, writing is one way I organize my world. I share this process with you because enough of you appreciate it.

In response to another question, I wrote:

I started out to write an erotic novel. I love the sensual, the erotic, with no apologies, and thought I’d share some fun with it. The book this became was so different than what I first intended that I was… shocked… I didn’t know until I’d written much of the book just how deeply (my grandmother) had molded my character. I wanted to share her strength, her words. In a very basic way, her message to me, encapsulated in the phrase “Everything changes… ” was the beginning point. I just didn’t know it at the time.

So, that’s a little glimpse into my “why” of writing.

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