Free books, a sneak peek

On Friday I completed a crucial chapter in the new book, Crosscurrents. It’s a bedroom scene. A friend said she had to leave the kitchen while reading it. I don’t know exactly what she meant, but I take that as a compliment. Crosscurrents will be released this year. I am committed to getting the first draft complete by the end of this month (March, 2015).

I’d like to send you that chapter in rough form, before the editor gets to it.

I’d also like to send you a FREE copy of Exposed in ebook format, gifted to you through Amazon. Or, if you’d prefer, I will send you a signed paperback copy for FREE, asking only that you pay shipping, which is about $4.75 at the media rate (Amazon is charging $15.51 for the book, plus a fee for shipping).

In return, I ask that you post a review of Exposed on Amazon. You reviews influence other readers and are important to our success. It’s that simple.

This offer is limited to the first 20 people who respond.

If you’d like to participate, just click here to fill out the form.

The first 10 of you who respond and have posted a review on Amazon will also get the ebook of Crosscurrents for free when it’s published, or the signed paperback if you’ll pay $4.75 for shipping. We have to pay Amazon the full price for ebooks we gift to you, so this is a real commitment on our part.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading the blog, or has purchased the book, or otherwise shown support. Without readers, we writers would not have the privilege of doing what we do.

2 thoughts on “Free books, a sneak peek

  1. Joyce Dingman

    I just read one of your books….. Exposed, and I really enjoyed it. I’d be glad to write reviews for you if you’d like. You have a fast, easy style that’s fun to read angora say……love the sex. Take care and keep on writing…….Joyce in Sarasota

  2. Jessica Love Post author

    Thank you, Joyce!

    YES! Please write a review!

    We are trying to let Amazon know that people enjoy this book, and your reviews are very helpful.

    If you will click on the form link in the post above and fill it out (it might take you one minute), I will send you the new chapter immediately (as a .pdf or a .doc file) and a copy of “Crosscurrents” when it’s finished.

    Joyce, please talk to your friends about “Exposed.” If they will buy a copy from Amazon, we will get something rolling here. It’s surprising how just a few books sold can make a difference in the rankings, and how quickly the rankings can lead to more sales, which then leads to more books!

    Thank you for reading the blog, by the way. I write because… I’m a writer. But it’s so good to hear from you, and that you enjoy the work. I could not do this without you.



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