Wraps are off

Well, this is a little awkward.

But it’s time. The new book is finished, and is up for sale. Here.

Yes, that’s right. I’m not who I said I am. But I’ll tell you that I’m more, not less. Just like the new book. The old one was 50,000 words. The new one is 86,000 words. It’s not just more, either. It’s much better.

Look, my former publisher and I made the decision that a pen name would get the book into the  hands of more readers. The history of pen names goes back to the very beginning of novels.  We weren’t successful for a variety of reasons, so we ended that relationship and the new book is published under a new imprint: Gnome de Plume LLC.

Yeah, I know, and it makes me smile every time I have to write another check.

The the sex scenes in the new book leave a little more to the imagination at the recommendation of a fine editor in Los Angeles. This has to do with genre and reader expectations. But the character of Jessica is stronger and even more assertive.

The new book is not intented to be feminist; I’m not qualified, but it has a bit of that flavor. The unfairness surrounding female sexuality has not yet been talked about honestly, despite #metoo. Maybe I’m not the one to do that, either. But maybe I am.

If you enjoyed the first edition by Jessica, you will enjoy this even more. It costs less than a tall double-shot latte, provides more of a boost and lasts longer. I hope you give it a try.

~ E / J

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